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Fiona & the Flying Fox

I am writing with a huge thank you to all the Alba Traffic Management team from everyone at Highland Hospice for all your support with The Kessock Bridge Zipline. We are so grateful you went the extra mile, especially at such a busy time for your business to support our patients and their families. Every member of your team was so helpful and supportive.

The Zipline event has so far smashed £130,000!! This is just incredible and will allow Highland Hospice to continue to deliver vital services across the Highlands. We were also able to gift places to the Kessock branch of RNLI which allowed the charity to also benefit towards funding their vital service to our area. THANK YOU!

The signage was brilliant and made sure everyone knew where they needed to be. It was also great to have Fiona Maclennan and John Fox with us, they were fantastic and have also raised so much, legends!

We couldn’t have done this event without the incredible support of Alba Traffic Management Team. You have all made this event one to remember and we can’t thank you enough for the massive contribution you made to make this happen. We will be coming together for a post event review with the team at Bear Scotland and Transport Scotland so you are more than welcome to join the call. We like to record all donations onto your giving record, if you were able to offer a value of the donation you contributed, this is treated in the exact same way as a monetary donation to our charity and will remain as a gift on your record forever. 

Thank you once again for your incredible support of Highland Hospice. We simply couldn’t be here for our community without you, you’re all amazing!


Emma, Highland Hospice

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