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Alba Traffic Management stock & maintain a 23 strong fleet of Variable Message Signs (VMS) to service the industry. These are also widely known as Matrix Signs or an Electronic Traffic Sign.

VAS: 11 of these signs also have the capability to activate if an approaching vehicle is detected to be exceeding a preset speed threshold. The speed limit and/or a warning message will illuminate on the sign to remind the driver/rider to slow down. At some locations, these devices are used for speed limit enforcement

They can also be programmed to display Journey Time

The VMS can be displayed with any message you like and offer an innovative and high impact method to conveying any message across to the pedestrians or / and motorists in volume. These VMS are also perfect for advertising your business or promoting forthcoming promotions.

Available in 2 sizes, these signs can be located nearly anywhere with minimum disruption.

Solar powered, they can remain on site for substantial lengths of time without the need for maintenance costs and once installed on site, we have the facility to remotely change the message of the sign should works be delayed or changed to reflect latest conditions.

Supported by a knowledgeable team, we are confident we can make these signs work for you whatever your requirements.


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